Smart Hire Consultation 

Get the right talent in the right seats with a 1:1 hiring consultation 

This consultation empowers business owners to find the best talent for their team, even in a pinch. 
When your business is growing, it’s critical to get a capable team in place to take work off your plate and allow you to focus on what’s important. This 1:1 consultation will give you all the tools you need to find and hire the right people, fast

After your consultation, you’ll receive a complete job posting and description, custom interview questions, 30-60-90 day plan, accountability chart, and even image assets to promote your job on social media. 
Hiring Done the Smart Way 
No more wasted hours writing job descriptions, struggling to come up with interview questions, and figuring out responsibilities on the fly. The Smart Hire Consultation will give you everything you need to hire new talent without breaking a sweat. 

Work like a CEO 

➝ Do less busywork and more of what you love

➝ Focus more on bigger-picture business goals 

➝ Get time back in your workday for YOU

Find the right talent  

➝ Hire the BEST people to fill openings 

➝ Leverage more experts for your business 

➝ Set clear expectations and responsibilities 

Spend less time hiring 

➝ Use the complete job posting and description

➝ Ask your custom-made interview questions    

➝ Get a running start with a 30-60-90 day plan

Your 1:1 Smart Hire Consultation Includes

  • One-hour discovery call with Danielle + recording for reference
  • ​Full job posting and description
  • ​Complete interview questions
  • ​Custom 30-60-90 day plan for position
  • ​Accountability chart explaining the role and its tasks in detail
  • ​Editable Canva template to promote job opening on social media 

Hire the right talent fast with the Smart Hire System! 

This Consultation is for You if…

  • You need to hire someone quickly but you don’t have enough time in your day for it.  
  • ​You’re always working hard but feel like you’re constantly struggling to reach your goals.
  • ​You’re doing a lot of work that you don’t like or don’t understand how to do. 
  • ​You’ve never hired before and you want expert help to make a strategic decision
  • You’re feeling overworked and not living up to your full CEO potential. 

I’m Danielle Levy and I’m a professional problem solver.

I help bold business owners scale and grow their genius because I believe we need more bravery in this world. 

Now I work with brave online entrepreneurs, launch and funnel agencies who are creating products and services that are making a big impact on the world. Simply put: I work with brands that create positive change in the world. 

Many of my clients refer to me as their “velvet bulldog” because I’m a skilled and strategic partner who is equal parts big picture and laser-like execution. 

I’m the BFF you can count on to help you offload operations, manage your team, design and automate your funnel and create the systems that allow your business to run smoothly even when you aren’t there. 

My marketing brain coupled with my corporate project backbone is what makes me more than just a business manager. Think of me as your virtual chief operating officer who can keep all the moving parts together and accelerate the growth that’s only possible when you stay in your core genius.

"She provided me with the direction and context I needed to make my work shine.” -Dani R.

"Danielle is the trusted co-captain who helps my businesses stay sailing in calm waters!" -Kim S.

Schedule Your Smart Hire Consultation 

Add a new team member quickly and efficiently with this complete hiring consultation.



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