Onboarding Made Easy

Streamline hiring and onboarding with the New Hire Integration System

Onboarding Made Easy

Streamline hiring and onboarding with the New Hire Integration System

Take the guesswork out of onboarding—the New Hire Integration System provides a clear accountability framework for your team and new hires alike. 
Finding and hiring the right talent for your business is only half the battle. Getting these new hires integrated into your business and accustomed to its operations requires more time, planning, and effort on your part. 

The New Hire Integration System gives busy CEOs like you a professional onboarding system and timeline built directly in your project management tool, as well as a custom welcome packet designed specifically for your new hire’s role.
Save Time and Energy
You’re busy. There’s hardly enough time in the day to get everything, let alone onboard new hires into your business. The New Hire Integration System gives CEOs everything they need for a seamless onboarding experience, plus a long-term plan to ensure that new hires are successful in their role. 

Maximize your team’s efficiency 

➝ Understand everyone’s responsibilities 

➝ Set an effective accountability system  

➝ Give new hires a running start 

Save valuable time hiring and onboarding

➝ Conduct interviews more quickly

➝ Make an offer to the right candidate 

➝ Use the custom onboarding system 

Set up your business to scale 

➝ Identify your future hiring needs 

➝ Create an efficient hiring system    

➝ Get the right people in place for growth

The New Hire Integration System Includes...

  • One-hour discovery call with Danielle to understand your hiring and onboarding needs 
  • ​Custom onboarding system set up inside your project management tool
  • ​Complete welcome packet to help your new hire settle into their role from day one

Get your new team members onboarded more effectively! 

Get the New Hire Integration System now for only $349!

This consultation is for you if… 

  • You don’t have time or experience scheduling and running interviews with applicants. 
  • ​You’re unsure of what interview questions to ask in relation to specific positions. 
  • You want a professional and foolproof guide to zero in on the right candidate. 
  • You want to make an offer quickly and efficiently to fill an urgent need. 

I’m Danielle Levy and I’m a professional problem solver.

I help bold business owners scale and grow their genius because I believe we need more bravery in this world. 

Now I work with brave online entrepreneurs, launch and funnel agencies who are creating products and services that are making a big impact on the world. Simply put: I work with brands that create positive change in the world. 

Many of my clients refer to me as their “velvet bulldog” because I’m a skilled and strategic partner who is equal parts big picture and laser-like execution. 

I’m the BFF you can count on to help you offload operations, manage your team, design and automate your funnel and create the systems that allow your business to run smoothly even when you aren’t there. 

My marketing brain coupled with my corporate project backbone is what makes me more than just a business manager. Think of me as your virtual chief operating officer who can keep all the moving parts together and accelerate the growth that’s only possible when you stay in your core genius.

"She provided me with the direction and context I needed to make my work shine.” -Dani R.

"Danielle is the trusted co-captain who helps my businesses stay sailing in calm waters!" -Kim S.

Get your New Hire Integration System for just $349!  

Onboarding done right gives new team members everything they need to seamlessly transition into your business and its operations. 



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